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Managing Powers & Conflicts in the Mango Marketing Channels in Bangladesh


Barota Chakraborty, Koushik Prashad Pathak

In making any product or service available to its consumers, marketing plays an important role not only in stimulating production but also, in accelerating the pace of economic development. Bangladesh is a country of fruits and Mango has always been a significant contributor to the national economy, as well as, peoples’ health. Like any other marketing channels, the channels for marketing mangoes face problems with issues regarding powers and conflicts. This study intends to portray the effective management of powers and conflict in the marketing channels of mangoes in the country. Through the use of interviews and surveys, the authors have identified the channel captain, power sources and influencing strategies, existence of conflict within the channel and the conflict resolution strategies. Applying the probability sampling technique, two areas- Dinajpur and Meherpur Sadars has been taken for analysis. Finally, the implications of these findings are discussed and some recommendations have been made for the chosen entities.

Keywords: Marketing Channels, Channel Captain, Conflict Resolution Styles.