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Prospects and Challenges of Using Information Technology in Bus Transport Companies: A Case Study in Bangladesh


Md. Rakibul Hassan, Md. Aslam Uddin, Tahsin Jahan Suma

The rapid growth of Internet users globally provides a bright prospect for e-marketers. People are now buying many types of goods and services on the Internet. With the growing numbers and changing trends of buying behavior, an increasing number of companies are also finding it attractive to join the bandwagon and offer the consumers online shopping facilities. Bus transport companies in Bangladesh are now realizing the significance of customer oriented philosophies, so they are starting or thinking to start e-ticketing services and other IT solutions services. To survive in the competition and for the sustainable growth, better quality is needed for transport companies. This paper is an attempt to determine the Prospects and Challenges of Using IT Services in Bus Transport Companies of Bangladesh and to find out the variability of these factors across different bus transport companies in Bangladesh. The sample was taken from 25 bus transport companies and top management employees of these companies were interviewed with a structured questionnaire. A technique of descriptive statistics, multiple responses and t test were used to conduct this study. The results revealed that most of the companies are not using e-ticketing services; they are using others solution but they are thinking to introduce online services. As this is the era of modern technology and present customers are more technology & internet oriented; this finding may be helpful for the bus transport companies in a way that if the company does not use or introduce e-ticketing services they cannot survive in the competition and so to meet up the customers need the bus transport companies of Bangladesh need to introduce e-ticketing services.

Keywords: e-ticketing, online services

JEL Code: M 31