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The Impact of Packaging Attributes on Creating Impulse Buying of Food Products


Shehely Parvin, Afreen Choudhury, Imtiazuddin Chowdhury

The paper has been designed to measure the impact of packaging attributes on creating impulse purchasing of packaged food products (i.e. confectionaries, noodles, soup, dairies, chips, and candy bar) at the retail outlets. Multiple regressions have been used as a major data analysis. By considering 10 key packaging attributes from prior studies (i.e. brand name, colour, packaging material, background image, label, shape/ design, flavours, country of origin, font style and innovation) as explanatory variables on customers’ impulse buying helped to infer that all the identified packaging attributes have significant impact on creating impulse buying of food products except country of origin and background image. In addition, to that crafting meaningful innovation in food product packaging has proven to have highest impact on generating impulse purchases at the retail stores.

Keywords: Food Products, Packaging, Attributes, Retail Outlets, Impulse Buying, Customers