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Establish the Extend and Suitability of Entrepreneurship Marketing Activities and Provision in Bangladesh for Disabled people


Nigar Sultana

This study seeks to identify whether training & assistive technology for entrepreneurship of disabled people play significant role or not in Bangladesh since these kinds of entrepreneurship obviously enhance marketing & economic growth activities. This study uses 100 convenient sample size from Dhaka & Khulna city in Bangladesh. This study was done by the grounded theory analysis along with qualitative research design. The findings indicated that training on entrepreneurship, assistances of assistive technology & entrepreneurship activities for disabled people in Bangladesh have great impact for self-employment of disabled people. And also indicated that awareness on entrepreneurship & motivation for disabled people are important tools to take initiatives for entrepreneurship business. It is recommended that both government & nongovernment authorities must develop strategic & systematic training program for disabled people in Bangladesh and government should also take necessary steps to make available the assistive technologies for disabled people in the market, so disabled people can avail those technological facilities & become confident to be entrepreneurs.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Disabled People, Training, Assistive Technology.