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Challenges of Globalization and Higher Education in Bangladesh: A Strive Towards Professionalism


Md. Mahiuddin, Nilanjan Kumar Saha, Md. Zakir Hosen

Globalization has brought a great effect to human life not only in economic issues, but also in political, social, and cultural issues. It depends on the quality of human resources. Indeed, human resources with low quality will fail, whether the only human resources with high quality standard will succeed in facing global challenges. Globalization has resulted in significant changes in the knowledge economy and ushered new conditions for the provision of higher education to cater the skill requirement all across the globe. The key elements of globalization include the knowledge society, information and communication technologies, the market economy, trade liberalization and changes in governance structures. These elements of globalization have impacted significantly the education sector in general and higher education in particular. The present paper is an attempt to illustrate the challenges of globalization on higher education in Bangladesh and developing some proposition for encountering the said challenges. This paper high light on the issues related to overall scenario of higher education in Bangladesh.

Key Words: Globalization, Higher education, Knowledge economy, Professionalism.