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Determinants of Student Satisfaction with Bus Service provided by Public Universities of Bangladesh


Md. Manzur Rahman Farazi, ShamsunNahar Momotaz, Shamsunnahar Tania

With the increase of number of students in the public universities in recent years, excessive pressure on university bus service has emerged. To meet up the increasing demand of service no satisfactory imitative have been taken simultaneously. This study tried to identify the factors that determine student satisfaction with bus service provided by a public university of Bangladesh; The Jahangirnagar University. The analysis shows that 40% of the students are satisfied with overall university bus service, 40% are not satisfied while 20% are neutral. Students are fully satisfied with cost of the university bus transportation. Other aspects of their satisfaction are safety in the bus against crime, helping attitude of the bus personnel, competence of drivers. On the other hand, students are least satisfied with bus crowding, bus stop decoration (shelter and seat) and number of buses in the route. Male and female students are indifferent about overall satisfaction on bus service. Residential status of student is also found insignificant with overall satisfaction on university bus service. Family resident status, family income of the student, average monthly expenditure of the student, family car ownership, academic year, faculty of the student are greatly associated with satisfaction on university bus service. Findings show that, overall service satisfaction of bus service depends on six distinct service quality attributes as Bus Network, Vehicles reliability, Outlook, Bus staff behavior, Cost & information and Convenience. Bus network is the worst among those because the coefficients of the bus network get high value which implies the service satisfaction is mostly dominated by this factor. University authority needs to attend to these factors affecting satisfaction of their students. The study thus provided a direction for university authority whereby areas for improving services may be identified and students’ satisfaction may be enhanced.

Key Words: satisfaction, bus service, service quality attributes.