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Relationship of Benevolence, Integrity, Capability and Trust in online shopping in Developing Country: A Study on Bangladeshi Online Shoppers


Md. Jakir Hasan Talukder, Bidyut Kumer Balo

Purpose– The purpose of the study is to check and investigate the components of ability, benevolence, integrity, and trust in online shopping in Bangladesh and find the relationship of ability, benevolence, integrity and trust in online shopping in Bangladesh.

Design/methodology/approach– The study is exploratory in nature and uses both qualitative and quantitative techniques. Both primary and secondary data has gathered for this study. Secondary data have collected from published articles, books, magazines etc. Primary data has collected from field survey. For authenticity of the study researchers use five stages I. Previous literature has reviewed for content validity, ii. Focus group discussions (10 online shoppers in each group) for construct development, iii) Necessary correction of questionnaire from expert, iv) Pilot survey on 30 online shoppers and necessary correction, v) Final questionnaire distribution to 130 respondents. SPSS(Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) and AMOS (Analysis of a Moment Structures) software 20 version have used for data analysis. Relationship model of benevolence, integrity, capability and trust has been developed and verified by SEM (Structural Equation Model).

Findings– The study has found out that component of benevolence, capability, integrity are interrelated. Components are helping attitude, support and assistance attitude, need and desire understanding attitude, fair promise, honesty, fair dealings of online merchants to online shoppers. The study has also found that there are only two factors for explaining attitude towards online shopping in Bangladesh, which are benevolence and integrity. There is no significant in consumers’ attitude towards online shopping based on capability. Model supports that benevolence, integrity creates trust among online shoppers in Bangladesh.

Practical implications– Study will help both local online merchants and giant multinational companies (i.e., etc.) for policy making for online shoppers in developing countries. Study will also help industry experts, investors, media to create a clear picture about online shopping in Bangladesh.

Keywords: Online shopping, Benevolence, Capability, Integrity, Trust.