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Search For Driven Factors of Employee Satisfaction: A Study On Dhaka City�s Private Sector Insurance Companies


Nigar Sultana, Md. Ariful Hoque, Murad Hasan

The nature of work is changing at whirlwind speed. Perhaps now, more than ever before, the factors which are making employee satisfaction are changing. This quantitative grounded study was conducted to pick up the key factors responsible for job satisfaction in the field of insurance companies. The study was based on Dhaka City and a structured questionnaire was used to collect primary data. Data analysis was conducted by using different statistical tools like – chi square test, simple percentages, mean and rank order. Archival resources, documents, related studies and data from primary and secondary sources demonstrate that, the significant parentage of the respondents was satisfied with their job, promotional opportunity is one of the most important factors of job satisfaction and open communication as one of the least important cause.  No significant influence of personal factors was found on the overall job satisfaction rather the extrinsic factors such as working hours, fringe benefits, job security, recognition for challenging work, salary, good relations with colleagues, job status, working conditions, participation in decision making and office management are the influential forces of job satisfaction. The major causes of job dissatisfaction as perceived by the respondents were lack of proportional opportunity, lack of job security, lack of job status, poor working condition, lack of fringe benefits, fewness of leave, pay inequity and more working hours. These factors may be temporary or enduring, and these may be causal variables of job satisfaction in the workplace.

Key Words: Driven factors, Employee satisfaction, Private sector, Insurance Company, Dhaka city.